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Token FET

Mar 08, 00:51

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Big whale further withdrew FET from CEX


Total tokens transferred

Token FET



Whale 0xa7b just further withdrew 507,585 FET ($1.33M) from Binance and at $2.623 on average:


In total, the whale has withdrawn 13.92M FET from Binance,, and KuCoin at $1.885 on average (estimated cost: $26.2M) in the past 6 days.


Currently, the whale still bag-holds all the 13.92M FET (now $34.5M) and has an unrealized profit of $8.84M (+33.7%).


Note that previously, the whale once realized an estimated loss of $957K (-81.8%) from trading BAT between December 6, 2021, and March 10, 2023.


The FET price is suffering from a correction of 8.95% (24H) after the sharp pump yesterday.


Fig 1. Whale 0xa7b's overall FET accumulating history.