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Token TRB

May 11, 19:10

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Whale closed TRB deal with profit


Total tokens transferred

Token TRB



Whale 0xf2b just deposited 10,582 TRB ($1.32M) to Coinbase at $124.3:


Notably, the whale withdrew those TRB tokens from Coinbase at $57.7 on average (estimated cost: $610K) between March 13 and May 2, 2024. If truly selling now, the whale would realize an estimated profit of $706K (+116%) after nearly 2 months.


Currently, the whale no longer holds TRB. Besides TRB, the whale has yet to trade other tokens.


Lastly, please note that this is the sixth whale that withdrew TRB from Coinbase between early March and May and then deposited all tokens back to the CEX for profits in the past 3 days after the price surged up to 108% (7D).


Fig 1. Whale 0xf2b's overall TRB trading history.

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