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Token TRB

May 10, 07:46

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Whale deposited all TRB to Coinbase amid price surge


Total tokens transferred

Token TRB



Whale 0xeb1 just deposited 10,486 TRB ($1.38M) to Coinbase at $132:


Notably, the whale withdrew those TRB tokens from Coinbase at $76.59 on average (estimated cost: $803K) between March 5 and May 1, 2024. The whale would realize an estimated profit of $581K (+72.4%) after over 2 months of holding if truly selling the tokens now.


Notably, there have been four whales depositing a total of 41,450 ($5.37M) to Coinbase at $129.45 on average in the past 2 days. This came after the price of TRB has shown impressive growth of up to 131% in the past 7 days.


Fig 1. Whale 0xeb1's overall TRB trading history.


Fig 2. Four whales have deposited a total of 41,450 ($5.37M) to Coinbase in the past 2 days after the TRB price surged 131% (7D).

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